Derby defeat ‘felt like two steps backwards’ – G boss

Monday’s 3-1 derby day defeat at home to Newquay left Godolphin Atlantic boss Adam Paterson feeling as though his side had taken ‘two steps backwards’, writes Tom Howe.

A gritty 2-1 win at St Blazey in their last outing led to the G being crowned South West Peninsula ‘Team of the Week’ and looked to have provided them with an ideal warm-up ahead of meeting their rivals. 

However, their preparations were disrupted by an outbreak of covid-19 that continued to rob them of playing personnel going into their final match of yet another year of highs and lows.

Two goals down going into the final ten minutes, Paterson called upon 16-year-old Coen Briggs who halved the deficit, only for former G winger Danny Carne to seal the deal in time added on. 

“I don’t really think we got anywhere near starting this game until the 85th minute,” said Paterson. “I don’t really know what it is. We said the same when we played them in the cup at the start of the season. We didn’t come out of the traps then and went two down really quickly. This time around we didn’t concede [that early] so I thought maybe that would give us a wake up call but it didn’t. 

“You have to give Newquay credit because they controlled the game and didn’t allow us into it. We are looking at this as a long term project. The result wasn’t too much of an issue for us but it is the way we performed. It felt like two steps backwards. It is about how we react next week [against Bodmin Town] now. 

“For me personally, our midfield three weren’t their usual selves. They grew into the game but are normally much more creative and our football is normally much better, although that stems from the whole team not just them. Ed Timmons was a really big miss at full-back, the experience he brings and the way he controls the boys. 

“We also had Callum Bertrand missing from left-back so had a central midfielder playing right-back and one playing left-back but should that affect the game that much? No. You do miss the experience but you can’t put it down to that. That’s not an excuse in any shape or form.”

Star striker Gavin Perraton was also missing in action, instead turning out for local St Piran League side Porthleven with whom he is dual registered. That meant a second Godolphin debut for Jordi Willmott, with St Dennis waiving a seven-day approach on Boxing Day. 

“Changing from Gavin to Jordan is very different,” explained Paterson. “Had it been a swap for Jaron McCauley or Jamie Preston, I don’t think it would have affected us as much because they play the same kind of way. I don’t think you can put it down to that though. Jordi was great. I just don’t think we were as hungry for it as they were. 

“I just can’t put my finger on it. We beat Dobwalls away and then went and got beat by Sticker. We beat St Blazey and get beat by Newquay. It’s a pattern and we have to try and find out what the problem is. One thing you could say is that we didn’t have a lot of boys who have been involved in Newquay/Godolphin matches and they have. There is that desire to win the derby. I’m not saying our boys didn’t want to win it but there did seem to be more passion coming the opposite way.

“It is just another game in the way that it affects our training for next week. It is probably the most hurtful one to lose, especially at home, but in terms of how we keep going it is just another game. We know, long term, that we are going to keep working with these boys and as the years go by they will continue to improve. If you look back at the last two Boxing Day games, this was hell of a closer. Matty Walker hit the post at 1-0 and could have levelled the score. 

“[Newquay] controlled it and I am not taking anything away from them but there were chances to level and we didn’t take them. Cam Turner’s finish [for the first goal] was superb. On another day that would have sailed over into the houses behind. They took their opportunities at the right moments and that was the difference.” 

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