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For thousands of people across Cornwall, a game of football, rugby, cricket or any one of a dozen other sports, is the highlight of their week. Whether as players, spectators or volunteers, sport is a huge part of their lives.

For clubs, communicating that passion, reaching out to tell the community what their local club is doing is vital. If potential spectators, players, volunteers and sponsors don’t know what you’re doing, how will you bring them to your club?

Local newspapers used to be the way for clubs, leagues and sports organisations to get their stories out. But as the number of people buying and reading local papers has collapsed – in some cases by as much as 90 per cent – that doesn’t work any more. The decline in readership has also forced newspapers to drastically cut back on staff, which is why the reporters and photographers who used to cover your matches don’t come any more.

So what’s the alternative, how can that gap be filled? Unfortunately many clubs don’t have the resources to write their own stories, take their own photographs and produce their own videos. They don’t have the time and expertise to keep websites fresh, and social media channels up-to-date and engaging.

That’s where Cornwall Sports Media comes in.

We are a group of experienced sports writers, photographers and videographers dedicated to helping local teams and leagues to get their message out. You will no doubt have read our reports and seen our photographs in publications and across social media in Cornwall over the last few years.

We have now come together to work with sports clubs, leagues and organisations to produce content for them and to make sure that it’s seen by as many people as possible.

Cornwall Sports Media provides clubs, leagues and sports events with:

  • Match / event previews, reports and round-ups
  • Interviews
  • News updates
  • Website and social media management services
  • Photography
  • Videography

How do we work and what does it cost?

Cornwall Sports Media provides a bespoke content production and distribution service. Our products can be mixed and matched according to your needs. When we talk to an organisation about working with them, we have a frank discussion about aims and priorities and then tailor our services to their budget. Meaning each of our relationships with a club or league is unique.

While every relationship is different, clubs will naturally want a broad idea of the costs involved in producing their desired combination of content. So here are some ‘packages’ covering the main types of coverage to give an indication of potential outlays.

Managing Club Social Media:
Creation of graphics promoting matches for use on social media, posting news, updates, reports etc. across all the club’s social media platforms.
from £50pm
Managing Club Website Content:
Uploading all content to the club website, uploading news items, updating player profiles etc.
from £40pm
Written Reports (with attendance):
CSM reporter attends the match. Includes: live social media updates during the match,  match preview,  match report, interviews and post-match reaction.
from £60 per match
Written Reports (remote): 
CSM reporter writes copy remotely. Includes match preview and post-match reaction (typically a phone interview with the manager).
£40 per match
Edited photo gallery and social media-ready images.
£60 per match
Written League Previews and Reports:
CSM reporter writes a preview and round-up of each weekend or midweek set of league/competition fixtures.
£40 per week

We know that money is tight in local sport, with many calls on those limited finances. We know that in the past, clubs got exposure through local newspapers and other channels at no cost to themselves. But for better or worse, those days are gone. In 2022, clubs are making the decision to invest in written and visual content. And an investment is exactly what it is – one that pays dividends down the line.  

The cricket season is in full swing now and it’s the same story for all other summer sports. And although the dust has barely settled on the 2021/22 football and rugby seasons, the 2022/23 campaigns are just around the corner.  

So now is the time to take action to make sure that your club or league is getting its story out into the world.  

To start a conversation about how we can help you, get in touch with us by:  


By direct messaging us on Facebook (@cornwallsportsmedia) or Twitter (@sportscornwall),  

Or by filling in the contact form below:

Satisfied customers

See examples of our work at: 

One of our flagship clients is Falmouth Town FC, who enjoyed a fantastic treble-winning campaign in 2021/22 – and we were there to capture their achievements.

Cornwall Sports Media provides website and social media management services for Town, as well as written coverage and photography of their home matches. You can find examples of our work for Town below:

Falmouth Town manager Andrew Westgarth said: “I am delighted to be working with Cornwall Sports Media. We’ve really noticed the benefits by having them on board for the last six months. It’s enhanced our profile and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.

“It’s given us such a platform to showcase what we’ve been doing this year: it’s really helping our numbers grow and the content we get is top-notch.

“The interaction that we now get between the supporters, the club and the wider public is great, so it’s been a really good platform for us.”

[Featured image: Patrick Tod / Cornwall Sports Media]