Cornwall Sports Media provides clubs, leagues and sports events with:

  • Match / event previews and reports
  • Interviews
  • News updates
  • Website and social media management services
  • Photography
  • Videography

What do we offer?

1. Content

  • Written
    • Match previews, player / manager interviews, match reports, team news.
    • Information and reports on the leagues in which the teams compete are the bread and butter of content. Important news items will be turned into press releases. We also work with clubs to produce content for use in marketing documents targeted at potential commercial sponsors.
    • And while social media is the dominant form of everyday communication, a website is still the first port of call for people looking to find out about a club. Whether it’s fixture list, information on players, club news, or just clubhouse opening times, an up-to-date website is essential to engage new supporters, players and sponsors. CSM can overhaul a club website, bring it up-to-date and ensure that it remains so. 
  • Photography
    • Whether on the web, social media or in the newspaper, photographs grab people’s attention. From player headshots and pictures of club facilities on the website, to match day photography and promotional images for sponsors, high quality photographs are an essential part of a club’s communications toolkit. 
  • Videography 
    • Videos are fantastic tools for engaging viewers on club websites and social media. A short promotional video on a home page instantly grabs attention. Match day or event highlights, interviews with key participants, sponsor videos – they all deepen the feeling of engagement between a club and their supporters, players and volunteers.  

2. Distribution 

Great content is essential, but it’s wasted if it doesn’t reach its target audience. CSM’s job is to make sure that everyone that should see a club’s content does so. 

  • Online
    • We can help to manage clubs’ own web and social media channels. Social media seems very simple, but clever scheduling of posts, across the week and on match days, is needed to ensure maximum impact. We can create graphics that ensure club Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts stand out from the rest. 
  • Cornwall Sports Media’s online channels
    • Cornwall Sports Media Website
      • Cornwall Sports Media has a unique perspective on, and access to, sport in Cornwall. We are creating an online sports hub, enabling clubs to showcase themselves on what we believe will become the go-to resource for news and information about Cornish sport. 
    • Cornwall Sports Media Podcast
      • Millions of people now consume information via podcasts. The weekly CSM podcast features interviews, news and match previews across the whole of Cornwall’s sporting landscape.
  • Traditional media (print, radio, TV) 
    • While the traditional media is not what it once was, these outlets can still be useful tools. The lack of on-the-ground reporters means that local newspapers, as well as radio and TV, are highly reliant on direct submissions from clubs. We know how to write print-ready reports that editors can drop straight in to their next edition, and we know when their deadlines are. We know the kinds of stories that will appeal to local radio stations.  This means that we can ensure maximum exposure in the local media.

3. Capacity-building

Local clubs often have volunteers interested in contributing in the area of communications. CSM’s seasoned professionals will work with those individuals to develop their writing, photography, videography and social media skills so that they can add to the variety and quantity of the club’s written and visual output.

How do we work?

Because every club is different, the first step is to understand where the club is now, what the long-term goals are, and how communications can help them to reach them. When we start to work with a club, we go through a three-stage process: 

1. Conduct a CSM health-check 

  • Audit: We look at the content a club is currently producing and how developed its website and social media channels are. 
  • Benchmarking: We put all that information into context. How do a club’s content and communications stack up next to their peers? We look for examples of best practice to demonstrate what’s possible. 
  • Resources: What in-house capacity does a club have currently? What potential is there to develop people within the club to assist with content production?

2. Identify goals

While most clubs have certain goals in common (a better public profile, more income, more volunteers) many will have some unique, specific goals. We aim to fully understand each club’s objectives so that we can target our activity most effectively. 

3. Make recommendations

We take the information gathered above and turn it into a series of recommendations, focusing on how Cornwall Sports Media can help the club to achieve its goals.

Measuring success

Anyone can talk a good game, but can they deliver? At Cornwall Sports Media we recognise the importance of measuring the success (or otherwise!) of our work on behalf of our clients.   

Not everything can be easily quantified, of course. While we believe that our work improves an organisation’s reputation in the community and boosts awareness of its activities, we recognise that can be difficult to measure. However, some things can be measured and we monitor the following to ensure that our services provide value for money:   

  • Increase in the volume of written and visual content
  • Increase in social media activity
  • Improved social media metrics i.e. more followers and better engagement with posts across Twitter, Facebook etc.  
  • Improved website analytics – more hits, more page views etc.
  • Improvement in the quality of the website e.g. more information delivered on a more timely basis.
  • Increase in the number of appearances in the local media.
  • More spectators 
  • Improved footfall at club food and beverage outlets.
  • Increased engagement with current and potential sponsors

We use all the above in our regular reviews with clubs to make sure we are on the right track.

What does it cost?

When clubs invest in written and visual content, it is just that – an investment; one that pays dividends down the line. But we are well aware that money is tight in local sport, with many calls on those limited finances. 

So when we talk to an organisation about working with them, we have a frank discussion about their aims and priorities and then tailor our services to their budget. That means each of our relationships with a club or league is unique. So if you are interested in talking to us about upping your communications game, get in touch and we can give you an idea of the costs involved.